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There is a thin line that separates the merely good from the great. To cross that line takes a passion that goes beyond Dai’s dedication and obsession to achieve perfection in one chosen field. For us at B-Sure System LLP, the quest for the exclusive goal of perfection has been a successful one. The quest continues, spurring us on to greater achievements. Today, we are the foremost civil repairs, rehabilitation, and painting contractors based in Mumbai, executing works all over India. The quest for B-Sure System LLP began in 1990, but its roots run deeper. A construction company with over five decades of experience in Mumbai and across India. Now in the fourth decade of operations, B-Sure System LLP has earned a reputation that is second to none – a reputation based on our quality-first approach that pays as much attention to modern technology as it does to virtues like integrity and belief in customer satisfaction.


The road to perfection, in any field, is blocked by one door, Quality Control. At B-Sure System LLP, this concept receives more than mere lip service. The quality of materials, workmanship, of finish, of any assignment completed by B-Sure System LLP, is surpassed by none.

 In fact, quality consciousness is a discipline that has permeated the entire organization and firm attention to detail characterizes every operation. Consistency is maintained through the entire process; from planning to raw material and up to final execution. We go to great lengths to ensure the quality of raw material. Our supervisory staff undergoes rigorous training and knows how to inspire the highest standards of productivity from the workers. As a final step, B-Sure System LLP maintains detailed photography documentation of every stage of work in progress. This presents clear evidence and reassurance to clients that they are being given the finest and most honest kind of job possible. 

These stringent quality control methods allow us to offer an unprecedented genuine guarantee of ten years, provided the work is carried out as per our recommendations and specifications.


B-Sure System LLP has pioneered & mastered the task of adapting modern technology to the civil repairs and rehabilitation industry in India.

 It is the only company that actively seeks and adopts the latest international techniques and developments and innovates if necessary, to suit local conditions and infrastructure. 

Undertaking extensive time and motion studies B-Sure System LLP breaks down each assignment into measurable units of time, skills required, standards to be maintained, safety measures, etc. Based on this detailed study, an assessment of the end result is made, and assurances are given. 

B-Sure System LLP is well equipped with its own steel scaffolding systems, bamboos, pulleys, mechanical hoists, automatic sieving, and sand washing units, power mixers, transport facilities, etc. All equipment and machinery represent the state of the art and have been specially designed and developed by us.

B-Sure Systems LLP

B-Sure System LLP is involved in a number of construction linked activities. Rehabilitation, Restoration & Repairs of structures, Corrosion Control, Structural Repairs Restoration of Heritage Structures, Guniting, External Finishes, Waterproofing, Facade Restoration, External & Internal Painting, Elevational Treatments, Structural upgradation by high tech system of Carbon Fibre Wrap etc.

B-Sure System LLP has not only the largest teams in civil repair and painting works, it is also one of the most skilled and experienced. Our firm is properitor – each highly experienced and accessible to their customers at any point in time. The highly motivated work force comprises men who have mastered both the art and craft of their professions. It includes 35 qualified and experienced engineers, supervisors and foreman who are in charge of on-site supervision and execution. Each member of the B-Sure System LLP team is totally task-driven. The responsibilities of, and expectations from each member of the team is clearly communicated enabling a singular vision and tight focus that pervade through and form the entire spirit of the organization. Today B-Sure System LLP has executed various projects exceeding over 200 buildings-each a testament to our drive for perfection.

Time to time Training Programme for the Labour & Supervisors are being Conducted to develop the skills & awareness if new technology in the market. Some of our Labours are trained under Vikas Training Programme. Who share their knowledge with others, for the better impact of quality.

We believe “Quality is not an accident” Quality is an exercise of many years to develop the skills. B-Sure System LLP trust, “Quality is the sole of our Mission” Latest machinery like Airless spray painting machine which was first time adopted by us in India.

Safety is very important part of workmenship while working on the high rise building. We care our Labours with using standard safety equipments like – The safety products by Jayco Safety that are internationally well known manufacturers of equipments. All the time during the work our superviso strictly take care that the Labours safety

All the Labour working on our site are already insured under workmen’s compensation policy.

Tools & Machinery Details

Bamboo Scafolding

2500000 Sq. Ft.

Metal Scafolding

75000 Sq. Ft.

Suspended Rope Platforms


Spray Painting Machine


Texture Machine


Sanding Machine


Putty Mixers


Pressure Washers


Laser Distance Meters


Jet Machines


Man Power Details

No. of Engineers


No. of Masonary Workers


No. of Painters

Above 200



Total Workforce


No. of Supervisors


No. of Texture Applicators


No. of Desiner Applicators


No. of POP Applicators


No. of Waterproofing Applicators


Our Happy Clients!

"I'm impressed with their way of working. The crew provides excellent roof repair services.This is the best company for all building repairing and painting work Like."
Miss. Maria Rasheed
"I appreciate it and i am fully impressed from it because of their working ways and methods. This company is best for all painting work and repairing buildings. They provide top quality waterproofing products. This is also provide extremely excellent roof repair service. I recommend it to everyone to try it at least once.."
Mr. Hamza Salar
"In our society, they were very cooperative and supportive, and they always responded immediately to our requests. Professional company that delivers high-quality work on schedule."
Miss. Shifa Yousafzai

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